SUNRISE CAPITAL LTD. (Former NCM Merchant Banking Limited): A subsidiary of Sunrise Bank  Limited

We have been providing the merchant banking service from the last two decades as NIDC Capital Markets Ltd. After Nepal Rastra Bank issued a directive regarding the set up of a subsidiary company to undertake merchant banking activities to bank and financial institutions, and licensing Act of Securities Board of Nepal, NIDC Capital Markets Limited established a subsidiary company NCM Merchant Banking Limited to provide the merchant banking activities. NCM was licensed on 27th Ashwin, 2067 from Securities Board of Nepal and operating approval on date 9th Kartik 2067 from Company Registrar Office. After acquisition, NIDC Capital Markets Ltd by Sunrise Bank Ltd. on 28th Magh, 2073, NCM Merchant Banking Ltd. has changed its name to Sunrise Capital Ltd. as a subsidiary of Sunrise Bank Ltd.

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We have not started the portfolio management due to current market scenario and we are planning to perform the portfolio management in the near future not restricting itself


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